“Palestine Islamic Bank” Carries Out a Volunteer Day in Salfit

For the third consecutive year, Palestine Islamic Bank’s staff plays an effective role in the area of social responsibility, whereas the staff of the northern district implemented a voluntary activity in Salfit Governorate, where work was divided among employees between cleaning public places in Salfit, tree-planting within the hospital of Martyr Yasser Arafat and full tree-planting of the hospital’s street.

In addition, such activity included an official visit to the Municipality of Salfit, where a meeting was held with the Mayor of Salfit, Mr. Abdelkarim Zbeidi and a number of the municipal council members. During the meeting, an appreciation shield trophy was presented to the Municipality of Salfit by Palestine Islamic Bank’s management, whereas such shield was offered by the Director of Northern District, Mrs. Khitam Abu Atiyah and the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Department, Mr. Ibrahim Salman, in the presence of a number of branches’ managers and the northern district staff, noting that the shield was presented for their continued support for voluntary work and contribution to the success of such activities.

Mr. Abdelkarim Zbeidi welcomed the Bank’s staff and thanked them for this constructive initiative, commending the role of Palestine Islamic Bank in community work and its effective role in supporting the local community at all levels, highlighting the Bank’s excellence, its precedence with respect to the staff contribution to social responsibility and building the values of cooperation and offering among its staff.

On his part, the Bank’s General Manager, Mr. Bayan Qasem, expressed gratitude for the efforts of the Bank staff who participated in the activity, as such activity coincided with a special event, that is the labor day, in which the Palestinian worker’s constructive role in building his/her country is enhanced, affirming the Bank’s commitment towards the local society, which is represented in the activities and support provided by the Bank over the last years.

In his comment on this participation, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Imad Al-Sadi emphasized that this activity is a pure initiative of the Bank staff, as the employee has the choice whether to participate or not, indicating that the enormous number of participants reflects the Islamic and moral high ground of the Bank staff, in addition to their sense of belonging to the country and institution in which they work, noting that choosing Salfit Governorate in particular coincides with the opening of an office of Palestine Islamic Bank in the city of Salfit, bringing the number of the Bank’s branches and offices to 44 branches and offices spread throughout the governorates so far.