“Palestine Islamic Bank” Volunteers at the Tkiyeh of Hebron

Last Saturday, the staff of Palestine Islamic Bank participated in the preparation of Iftar meals for the unprivileged families at the Tkiyeh of the Prophet Ibrahim in Hebron, in the presence of the Manager of the South District, Mr. Nizar Bali, and a number of managers and employees of Hebron Governorate’s branches and offices.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem, stated that providing Iftar meals is deemed as a remarkable and praiseworthy effort made by the Tkieyh of the Prophet Ibrahim, adding “we are trying, with all our strength, to support the efforts in order to lessen the burden on the people of our country.”

Moreover, Qasem illustrated that this year, the bank has redirected the amounts allocated for Ramadan events that are conducted for the bank’s staff, towards relief activities which target the most unprivileged families, particularly in Gaza Strip which suffers from difficult conditions, emphasizing that such activities shall contribute to the support of over 3000 families in Gaza Strip.

In addition, Qasem pointed out that volunteer work represents an intrinsic value within the culture of Palestine Islamic Bank and its staff, whereas it has multiple forms which ensure effective community participation in the society, referring to the number of campaigns and volunteering days that have been and continue to be carried out by the Bank’s staff in various governorates.

Qasem also paid tribute to the organizers of the Tkieyh of the Prophet Ibrahim and the impact that they leave on the beneficiaries’ lives, highlighting the bank’s continued support for the efforts aimed at strengthening the resilience of the Palestinian citizen and preserving his right to live in dignity, along with his family.