“Palestine Islamic Bank” Launches a Project to Improve Food Security in Gaza

Palestine Islamic Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with Natuf Organization for Environment and Community Development to implement the project of “the improvement of food security for needy and poor families” in Gaza Strip, whereas such project aims at improving the economic and social conditions, and reducing the financial burden on these families in light of the difficult economic conditions witnessed by Gaza Strip.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding took place at the Bank’s regional management in Gaza City, in the presence of the Manager of Gaza District, Mr. Adnan Al Fleet, the Manager of the Administrative Affairs Department, Mr. Ayed Abu Ramadan, the Chairman of Natuf Organization for Environment and Community Development, Eng. Hatem Hassuna, the Organization’s Executive Director, Eng. Ramy Hussein and a number of both institutions’ staff.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem, stated that the project aims at providing 400 families with foodstuff, vegetables, meat and other food supplies, as this can be achieved through the families’ obtainment of a coupon used at distribution centers which serve different areas within Gaza Strip.

In addition to that, Qasem pointed out that this project has been implemented twice within two consecutive years, as a result of the direct and strong impact that was achieved last year, noting that the Bank is implementing a bundle of various projects, during the holy month of Ramadan, in different governorates, particularly in Gaza strip, in light of the difficult conditions which require us to stand by the side of our people over there.

Qasem also stressed that the Bank’s concern about community participation is considered as an integral part of the Bank’s work and a religious, moral and national obligation, disclosing the Bank’s diverse efforts in this regard, stating “along with the financial support, we also provide in-kind support and do voluntary work that is initiated by our staff, in cooperation with various institutions and segments of society.”

Qasem paid tribute to Natuf Organization for Environment and Community Development and the significant projects that were implemented in cooperation with them, such as the desalination plant in Beit Lahiya, the coupon distribution campaign that was carried out during the last Ramadan and other projects, expressing pride in working with all partners for the benefit of the country and citizens.

his part, the Chairman of Natuf Organization for Environment and Community Development, Eng. Hatem Hassuna, thanked Palestine Islamic Bank for the trust and confidence which the Bank has placed in the Organization in implementing such project, affirming the importance of relief projects under such circumstances, moreover, he considered the Bank’s addressing of the community needs as a proof of its excellence and concern for the country.