“Palestine Islamic Bank” Opens a Small Project for a Needy Family in Hebron In Cooperation with “Falasteen AlKhair” Institution

Palestine Islamic Bank, in cooperation with “Falasteen AlKhair” institution, opened up a small sheep farming project in favor of a family from Dura City in Hebron Governorate, whereas the opening was attended by the Manager of the South District, Mr. Nizar Bali and the Manager of Dura Branch, Mr. Ismael Amayreh, noting that the project aims at generating a source of income for the family which faces difficult economic and health conditions.

The bank had responded favorably to the appeal broadcasted on “Falasteen AlKhair” program, whereby the bank established such project for Mr. Ahmad Al-Awawdeh’s family which consists of six children, a wife who undergoes a dialysis treatment in addition to the head of the family who suffers from a disease that prevents him from working, thus, the family derives its livelihood from the allowances of the Ministry of Social Development.

The Manager of the South District at Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Nizar Bali, stated that rendering relief to unprivileged people and standing by the side of needy persons are intrinsic values that are called upon by the religion.

In addition to that, based on the policies adopted by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, the bank seeks that its contributions made in the relief area are of sustainable impact, taking into consideration the provision of an integrated project which shall secure the family needs for a great period of time, and shall enable them to live with dignity.

In addition to that, Bali confirmed the interest of the bank and its administration in the underprivileged segments of society, as they seek to strengthen and empower them economically, referring to the fact that the development and relief projects implemented by the bank focus on the creation of positive impact on the life of the beneficiaries, in order to move towards sustainable development in various sectors of society.

Bali expressed sincere thanks to “Falasteen AlKhair” institution for the major and well-realized effort paid in serving the Palestinian society, highlighting the profound and solid relationship between the bank and the institution by invoking the previous partnerships between the two institutions, as such partnerships contributed to the implementation of several charitable projects and the helping of needy families in different governorates.