PIB Awarded “The Best Islamic Bank in Palestine”

Palestine Islamic bank obtained the award of “The Best Islamic Bank in Palestine 2018” presented by International EMEA Finance Magazine, for the efforts paid in the development of Islamic banking in Palestine.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Mr. Bayan Qasem, received the award during a huge awards ceremony that was held in Dubai City and attended by dozens of bank and financial institutions’ managers.

Qasem expressed pleasure at the bank’s obtainment of the award, and considered it as an additional evidence and indication of the success of the bank’s strategy which is based on providing innovative banking services that grant the customers a unique banking experience.

Moreover, Qasem stressed that the bank is moving towards digitalization to ensure the customer’s obtainment of banking services in a rapid, efficient and secure manner, referring to the bank’s updating and development of its banking systems in order to provide an adequate service to the public and to provide several electronic services via the internet, mobile phones and social media networks, such as “Islami Online”, “Islami Mobile” and “Islami Auto” services, for the same purpose.

Qasem also stated that development is persistent and continuous at all levels, pointing to the bank’s provision of several innovative, Shari’a-compliant financial products to its customers, including individuals and companies, such as Al-Tayseer credit card and the program of payment of tuition and medical fees in instalments, through the implementation of “Forward Ijarah” form. In addition to that, the bank owns the widest Islamic banking services network in Palestine, which consists of 43 branches and over 79 Automated Teller Machines (ATM) spread all around governorates.

Qasem expressed sincere thanks to the customers for their trust and support, emphasizing that the sustained growth in the bank’s financial indicators has been clearly reflected in the bank’s obtainment of several prestigious awards, the most recent of which was “The Most Innovative Islamic Bank in Palestine 2018” award according to International Finance Magazine and the award of “Best Islamic Banking Services” presented by the World Union of Arab Bankers.

EMEA Finance Magazine is one of the leading publications, specialized in the financial and banking sector, whereas it provides detailed reports and analytical data regarding the most prominent developments and events in the financial market segment within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. EMEA considers a number of performance criteria and organizational factors upon choosing the winners, including the market share, growth, innovation and institutional strategy, noting that the magazine has previously awarded the bank with “The Best Islamic Bank in Palestine” in 2016.