Palestine Islamic Bank Takes Part in the Renewable Energy Workshop in Hebron

Palestine Islamic Bank took part in the workshop that was held at the governorate of Hebron and was called for the “Communities Thrive Project” and in cooperation with the “Palestinian Energy Project”, and in the presence of representatives of municipalities of Hebron and representatives of civil society institutions, along with a number of other attendees and specialists in the field of renewable energy

PIB’s participation in this workshop represents a realistic module for using clean energy, recently the bank have started generating a number of its branches by using solar panels and the bank is working on increasing the number of branches and offices, which amounted to 14 branch and office that uses solar energy and distributed between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Mr. Nizar Bali, a PIB Manager in the southern area made a detailed presentation to the audience about the bank’s renewable energy project, the project aims in the first degree to protect the environment and reduce the damage resulting from it, pointing that this project in particular can contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions in large quantities, in addition to the cost of the project and the amount of savings on the bank.

Bali also went on explaining the most appropriate ways to finance this project within the Islamic financing formulas, and provided plenty of answers for the audience questions and inquiries , the presentation included a short film about the renewable energy project at Palestine Islamic Bank, supported by statistics and figures that confirm the effectiveness of clean energy, and expressed their admiration for the bank's pioneering experience and Islamic financing formulas to finance renewable energy projects.