PIB launches the latest Cheques Deposit Service in Palestine

Palestine Islamic Bank has launched the Cheques Deposits Service through ATMs. This new service, dubbed as the latest service of this kind in Palestine, enables the prompt processing of cheques upon their deposit by customers via ATMs.

Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, noted that launching this service is aligned with the Bank’s constant digitization efforts aimed at enabling customers’ access to banking services swiftly, easily, and round-the-clock. He stated that this has been made possible through the constant development of electronic channels and expansion of their services. He mentioned that this service will gradually become available on selected ATMs installed at the Bank’s branches in the country’s governorates.

He also noted: “We are always keen on fostering the quality of services offered to customers and enhancing their banking experience. Hence, we are keeping pace with the latest banking technologies namely through expanding investments in digital technologies. In fact, the Cheques Deposit Service through ATMs, being the first of its kind in Palestine, further underlines the Bank’s efforts in this respect. This service is based on the employees’ prompt processing of deposited cheques upon their receipt. Cheques are processed through the Cheque Management System interconnecting the Bank’s ATMs and its adopted clearance system. Furthermore, the Bank’s ATMs are mainly distinguished for their ability to verify security features, namely through UV Counterfeit Detection Features, thus accelerating the cheques processing by the Bank’s employees in accordance with the adopted procedures and instructions. In addition to the aforementioned, this service also enables customers to simultaneously deposit a number of cheques without having to go through the hassle of waiting between deposits. Finally, this service also targets due and post-dated cheques.”

Al-Sadi stated that this service is highly secure. He noted that the service is launched in continuance of the project for the development of the Bank’s ATMs through installing new machines, with some presenting features that were specifically designed for PIB. These new machines are known for their efficiency and fast processing capacities. They also feature technologies, such as the Contactless Technology, aimed at facilitating customers’ access to their accounts. These machines also seek meeting the prospective needs of customers in terms of services that may be offered through ATMs.

Finally, Al-Sadi confirmed that launching this high-quality service would not have been possible if it weren’t for the efforts exerted by the Bank’s staff who cooperated with the Bank’s partners, namely the Jordan Business Systems (JBS), Montran Technology Solutions, and “S2M” for cards management