PIB, strategic sponsor for the Hebron Grape Festival

Under the sponsorship of Palestine Islamic Bank, the Hebron Grape Festival was inaugurated in the old city of Hebron. The Festival will be held until Monday, September 18, 2023.

The Festival was launched in the presence of officials and representatives of the concerned actors in the Governorate of Hebron as well as media outlets. The event was also attended by dozens of farmers and marketers of various grape products. PIB was represented by Dr. Ayman Jweleis, member of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Nizar Bali, Director of the Southern District, and a number of branch and department managers.

Commenting on the Bank’s sponsorship of the Festival, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB’s General Manager stated that such sponsorship aims at contributing to the success of the Festival. Rooted in the Bank’s efforts toward supporting the agricultural sector, he called for fostering the support offered in favor of this vital sector, thus promoting the growth of the national economy.

Al-Sadi further stated that supporting the agricultural sector forms the basis for fostering the resilience of citizens in their lands. He mentioned that the Palestinian private sector assumes an important role in this respect, namely since it complements other efforts deployed in this regard.

He stated: “Hebron Grape Festival in Hebron gains further attention this year since it is held in the old city of Hebron. This will support the efforts aimed at reviving this ancient city known for its religious and historical importance amidst the dire circumstances of citizens.”

Al-Sadi noted that sponsoring this Festival complements a series of sponsorships offered by the Bank in favor of many events, festivals, and conferences aimed at supporting various sectors, including Nablus Summer Festival that was recently held at the end of August.

He invited the Festival’s visitors to drop by PIB’s pavilion where they would become acquainted with the latest Islamic Banking services and products offered by the Bank, where such services and products would not only meet their needs, but also keep pace with the era’s demands.

Hebron Grape Festival is held as part of the third Hebron festival 2023. It is organized by Hebron Governorate, Hebron Municipality, Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Infiniti. The Festival is held in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.

It is worthy to note that PIB is periodically holding awareness gatherings and panels in line with its efforts aimed at raising awareness on Islamic banking services in particular and banking services in general, in order to clarify such concepts to the public, thus contributing to fostering financial inclusion in Palestine.