PIB Strategic Sponsor of the Nablus Summer Festival 2023

Activities of the Nablus Summer Festival 2023 are scheduled to start on Wednesday, 30/8/2023 in the gardens of Jamal Abdel Nasser Park in Nablus and will continue until Sunday, 3/9/2023, under the strategic sponsorship of Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB).

The program of the festival was announced during a press conference held at the Nablus Municipality in the presence of the Mayor Dr. Sami Hijjawi, a number of municipal council members, representatives of partner and sponsoring institutions and the media, while the Bank's Assistant General Managers Zayed Shqair and Hatem Erainat represented the Bank during the event.

Commenting on PIB’s sponsorship of the festival, the Bank’s General Manager, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, said that this sponsorship aims at ensuring the festival’s success, given of its importance in supporting the marketing of national products and boosting the economy.

Al-Sadi added: "Our sponsorship of the festival comes within the framework of our responsibility and keenness to support national products and industries. This festival is an opportunity to communicate directly with the local community and exchange experiences and make business with the most important companies with leading brands in Palestine. This shall enhance cooperation between these parties and serve economic development."

Al-Sadi invited festival visitors to stop by PIB’s booth to learn about the latest Islamic banking services and products provided by the bank that meet their needs and keep pace with the requirements of our era.

The Nablus Summer Festival is organized in partnership with the cultural centers in Nablus Municipality and with the support of the Consumer Protection Society in Nablus, the Ministry of National Economy and the Syndicate of Owners of Beauty Companies, Factories and Warehouses. The event is organized by Events for event management, and will include dozens of brands from various sectors, including major national industries, handicrafts, entrepreneurial projects, popular food and others, as well as organizing events for different family members.

It is worthy to note that PIB is periodically holding awareness gatherings and panels in line with its efforts aimed at raising awareness on Islamic banking services in particular and banking services in general, in order to clarify such concepts to the public, thus contributing to fostering financial inclusion in Palestine.