PIB celebrates its employees participating in the “Biggest Winner” competition

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) honored its employees who took part in the “Biggest Winner” competition. The event, held in cooperation with specialized centers, sought to foster their adoption of a healthy dietary culture and their path toward reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight based on scientific methods.

ceremony to honor participants took place at PIB’s headquarters, in Ramallah, where a conference call connected the headquarters to the Bank’s administration in Gaza. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager and the Bank’s executive management.

Al-Sadi noted that the competition, launched around a year ago, falls within the scope of the Bank’s continuous efforts and is held pursuant to the Board of Directors’ instructions aimed at achieving human resources development at all levels. The competition is also in line with the Bank’s strategic plan holding human resources development and investment at the core of its objectives. He also asserted that attaching attention to the employees’ healthy nutrition is of utmost importance and contributes to producing positive change in their lives.

He mentioned that the competition included participants from the Bank’s various branches and departments. Registration was carried out at centers specialized in healthy nutrition, where participants were offered the support they need, over the past months, to not only change their dietary habits, but to achieve outstanding results as well.

Al-Sadi noted: “This competition achieved a one-of-a-kind change in the participants’ lives. Not only did it enable them to reach a healthy body weight, but they also opted for a healthy diet. Moreover, it falls among the efforts of the Bank in this respect, as it offers its employees an excellent insurance plan granting them access to the best healthcare services.”

The top ten ranked contestants received cash prizes in appreciation of the outstanding results they achieved and in encouragement to apply healthy dietary practices in their daily lives.

PIB has more than 700 employees working at the largest Islamic Banking network in Palestine, encompassing 43 branches and offices as well as more than 100 ATMs throughout the Country’s governorates. In addition, the Bank annually holds numerous internal trainings and contests with the aim to foster competition and contribute to employees’ professional and personal development.