As part of its sustainable social responsibility program, the Bank attaches special importance to supporting the scientific research process in Palestine, believing in its importance in advancing the development process. Based on this, the Bank announces the launch of the “Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research” for the eighth version, in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research To encourage researchers to increase their research production and produce original research that adds new value to knowledge.


  1. The impact of financial technology (FINTECH) on the financial and banking sectors and its applications in the Islamic finance industry.
  2. Education, learning and business in the age of technology and artificial intelligence.
  3. Administrative systems / integrity / accountability / transparency.
  4. Applied sciences (land, water, agriculture) and their role in enhancing local production.
  5. Health sciences (epidemiology and diseases) and their study within the Palestinian context.
  1. Researchers and academics in Palestinian higher education institutions accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  2.  Researchers in ministries and research centers affiliated to ministries.
  3. Researchers in scientific research centers that are accredited by the Ministry.
  4. Researchers in the private and civil sector.


  1. The applicant must be the First Author, and should be affiliated to an institution in Palestine.
  2. The researcher must be a Palestinian national residing in the State of Palestine.
  3. The researcher can only submit one application for this award, either individually or collectively.
  4. The researcher must provide any necessary information.
  5. Researchers shall abide by the set deadline for submitting the research.


  1. The article/research paper presents the results of original research.
  2. The research must be published in a Scopus indexed journal.
  3. The research should be published in a journal with a CiteScore.
  4. The year of publication should be between 2020 and the award launching date.
  5. The research topic must be original, modern and related to one of the fields covered by the competition.
  6. The research topic should be realistic with results and recommendations that contribute to the development of society.
  7. The research may be individual or collective.
  8. The research submitted for the award should not have previously received an award from any party.
  9. For collective research, a document signed by all Palestinian researchers participating in the research stating their consent to the first author applying for the award should be attached on behalf of the team.
  • An electronic copy of the published research (PDF).
  • A document signed by all Palestinian researchers participating in the research stating their consent to the first author applying for the award on behalf of the team (PDF copy).
  • An undertaking from the first author that the research submitted for the award has never received an award from any party.
  • Applications are submitted electronically by completing all the required information and documents on the following link:
  • Note: Registered applicants can access their accounts, while new users must create an account in the link above in order to apply.
  • Note that the deadline to apply for the award is: 28/2/2023 (Tuesday)
  1. Impact factor - CiteScore (Scopus database)
  2. Number of citations (Scopus database)
  3. Journal quartiles - (Scopus database)
  4. Socio-economic impact.
  5. Field weighted citation Impact (FWCI) (Scopus database)

The award consists of a sum of money (3 positions for each of the five main fields) in the following order:

  1. First Prize/Field: $2000.
  2. Second Prize/Field: $1000.
  3. Third Prize/Field: $600.

The results will be announced in a press conference hosted by the Ministry and in the presence of representatives of the Ministry, the Bank, universities, winning researchers, and the media

  1. Decisions of the jury are final.
  2. The award is given to the first author/applicant.
  3. The prize is distributed among the members of the Palestinian research team by mutual consent and is paid only to Palestinian researchers registered in Palestinian institutions.
  4. The winning team is required to authorize the first author to receive the prize value and divide it by mutual consent among Palestinian researchers