PIB launches campaign to encourage the use of electronic payments at gas stations

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) launched a campaign to encourage customers to use electronic payment through cards at gas stations.

The campaign, which will end on May 8, 2023, includes draws for 5 cash prizes equal to the value of the payment made by the customer at the gas station, according to terms and conditions. An awareness campaign in which the bank’s employees will participate is also planned in a number of gas stations in different governorates to encourage citizens to use electronic payment solutions instead of cash as part of the campaign organized by the Palestinian Monetary Authority in this regard at various gas stations.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, PIB General Manager, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, said that it is in line with the bank's efforts towards digital transformation, encouraging the use of electronic payment solutions, and keeping pace with the development in financial services, stressing that the use of cards in purchases and cash payments does not entail any additional cost for customers.

Al-Sadi added: “This motivational and awareness campaign is part of a series of efforts made by PIB to encourage electronic payment solutions, including several promotional campaigns in recent months, in addition to a series of discounts and benefits offered by the Bank’s cards locally and internationally, such as installment options for purchases and free access to airport lounges and discounts on hotel and flight reservations, shopping and others, all of which to encourage customers to use their cards in purchases and let go of traditional methods of payment”.

More details on the campaign can be found by visiting the bank's website www.pib.ps.