PIB and Palestine Polytechnic University sign a memorandum of understanding

As part of the bilateral studies program offered by Palestine Polytechnic University, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Palestine Islamic Bank and the University.

The memorandum was signed by Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB’s General Manager, and Dr. Amjad Barham, President of the University, at the Bank’s headquarters, in Ramallah. The signing was attended by Nizar Bali, PIB’s South District Manager, Wafaa Aoudi, Human Resources Department Manager, Dr. Moussa Refaie, Dean of the Bilateral Studies Faculty, and Wissam Theib, representative of the German Agency for International Cooperation.

Pursuant to this memorandum, the Bilateral Studies Faculty at PPU will nominate students to undergo their internship at PIB in line with the academic program requirements and the training plan that was agreed with the University.

Al-Sadi said he was proud of the cooperation with Palestinian universities, namely in terms of bilateral studies. He underlined the importance of practical training in supplementing academic knowledge acquired by students with hand-on skills and information. He also stressed the importance of this cooperation in increasing job opportunities for graduates, thus reducing unemployment among this category.

He also praised the long relationship between the Bank and PPU, and noted that the Bank has always been keen on fostering this relationship, namely within the practical and academic fields, as it offers a great example of a fruitful cooperation between the banking and educational sectors.

Dr. Amjad Barham was delighted to sign this memorandum and thanked Dr. Imad Al-Sadi for hosting the ceremony. He also stressed the importance of integration between the private sector and educational establishments, upon highlighting the strategic relationship between PPU and PIB, namely in the banking, academic, and research fields.

Dr. Barham also noted that this memorandum of understanding is another milestone in the partnership between both institutions.

Furthermore, the PPU bilateral program offers two bachelor programs designed in accordance with the job market’s requirements and its future trends. Through its renewable energy engineering and financial technology programs, it contributes to enriching the students’ university experience, enhancing their professional level, and ensuring they acquire the necessary skills for joining the job market.

Based upon its belief in the importance of education in achieving sustainable development, PIB is keen on supporting the educational sector and establishing fruitful partnerships with its establishments. Moreover, it also contributes to preparing students and graduates for joining the job market through offering annual training in this respect.

PIB’s mission and vision focus on providing quality and modern Sharia-compliant banking solutions and investing in technology. PIB also has a digital transformation strategy, which led to the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital call center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile services. Such products and services provide a unique package of easy and safe banking services which enhance the digital experience for individual and corporate customers. The bank was recently awarded the 2022 “Best bank for providing Islamic banking services and products in Palestine” award by The Arab Bankers Association and “The Banking Executive” magazine.