PIB Strategic Sponsor of Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2022

Under the strategic sponsorship of Palestine Islamic Bank, the Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2022 was inaugurated at the Millennium Palestine Ramallah. The Exhibition was attended by many local and international real estate development companies.

The exhibition inauguration was attended by Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, Palestine’s Prime Minister, along representatives of companies and official personalities. Palestine Islamic Bank was represented by Zayed Shukair and Hatem Erainat, the Bank’s assistant general managers, Abdullah Musaed, Central District Manager, and many directors of departments, branches, and offices.

In its booth, the Bank provided the visitors with special offers in terms of cards and real estate financing options, among other banking services and products.

Commenting on the Bank’s sponsorship of the exhibition, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, stated that Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2022 is the most prominent real estate development annual event in Palestine. It greatly contributes to fostering real estate activities and offers an opportunity for introducing citizens to the major current projects, various advantages, and options available for them to own the properties that are suitable for them.

Al-Sadi noted that through sponsoring various exhibitions and festivals, the Bank essentially aims at supporting such events and contributing to their success as they assume an important role in fostering the economy and developing various sectors.

Al-Sadi added: “Based upon the importance of taking part in these events and conferences, the Bank sponsored many exhibitions and festivals held in the country this year, namely Jenin Shopping Festival 2022, Nablus Shopping Festival 2022, the Champions Summer Shopping Festival 2022 in Gaza, and Palestine Food Exhibition in Jerusalem.”

The Palestine Real Estate Exhibition 2022 is organized by the Palestine Real Estate Developers Union, Eventive Public Relations, and UTC Investment and Real Estate.

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