Palestine Islamic Bank participates in the first Islamic Economy Festival at Hebron University

The Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) participated in the first Islamic Economy Festival at Hebron University, as part of its efforts to raise awareness of Islamic banking.

The festival was inaugurated in the presence of His Excellency the Governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority, Dr. Firas Melhem, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hebron University, Dr Nabil Al-Jabari and the university's administrative and academic staff. Representing PIB, a member of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Dr. Ayman Jweleis, the Director of the Southern District, Nizar Bali, and a number of department and branch managers attended the event.

Through its special pavilion at the festival, PIB made a presentation to university students and employees on the latest and most prominent advanced Islamic banking products and services which meet the needs of customers and keep pace with the latest developments.

During the seminar, PIB member of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Dr. Ayman Jweleis, explained the role of the Board in ensuring that PIB’s business, services and activities are Sharia compliant, as well as the global references of Islamic banking based on which it operates.

The Director of the Southern District, Nizar Bali, also gave a presentation on PIB’s electronic services, the Sharia compliant World Mastercard and Platinum Mastercard, and the services and privileges they provide to customers. He also spoke about other products and services provided by PIB.

Commenting on PIB’s participation in the festival, PIB General Manager, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi said that the bank was actively taking part in all local and foreign events and activities on Islamic banking, as part of its efforts to raise awareness across the community and introduce the public to its products and services. At the same time, the development of Islamic financial services in Palestine requires concerted efforts by all institutions in the field to promote awareness-raising.

Al-Sadi added: "Our outreach work complements our efforts to innovate and launch several banking products and services that meet the needs of all segments of society."

It is worth noting that the first Islamic Economy Festival was organized by the Faculty of Islamic Sharia at Hebron University, with the participation of Islamic banks in Palestine and a number of other financial institutions. It took place on Monday and Tuesday 7-8/11/2022.

PIB’s mission and vision focus on providing quality and modern Sharia-compliant banking solutions and investing in technology. PIB also has a digital transformation strategy, which led to the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital call center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile services. Such products and services provide a unique package of easy and safe banking services which enhance the digital experience for individual and corporate customers. The bank was recently awarded the 2022 “Best bank for providing Islamic banking services and products in Palestine” award by The Arab Bankers Association and “The Banking Executive” magazine.