PIB and PACI conclude a cooperation agreement for funding agricultural projects

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) concluded a cooperation agreement with the Palestinian Agricultural Credit Institution (PACI) to launch the Agricultural Projects Funding Program.

The Agreement was signed by Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, and Dr. Abdul Moneim Wahdan, PACI President, at the Bank’s headquarters, in Ramallah. The signing ceremony was attended by Zayed Shukair and Assem Al-Masri, PIB Assistant General Managers, as well as many directors of the Bank’s departments. PACI was represented by Mr. Riyadh Al-Shahed and Mrs. Suja Badwan, PACI’s Director of Media and Public Relations.

Dr. Wahdan stressed that PACI seeks to transform agriculture into an economic activity, thus promoting economic development. He noted that this Agreement shall foster the farmers’ ability to stay in their lands, namely in the face of the occupation’s attacks and settlors aiming to steal and confiscate their lands.

Al-Sadi stated that the Bank will launch the Agricultural Projects Funding Program, pursuant to this Agreement, in cooperation with the Palestinian Agricultural Credit Institution. He noted that this Agreement shall promote the Bank’s efforts in granting facilities to the agricultural sector, thus ensuring active participation in its growth and development.

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