PIB launches a series of training workshops for its employees on Professional Etiquette and its Protocols

The Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) launched a series of training workshops for its employees on "Professional Etiquette and Protocols for Quality in Customer Service".

Training workshops are held with the participation of the employees of the bank’s branches and offices at various administrative levels and in the presence of PIB General Manager, Dr. Imad Al-Sadi. The workshops are supervised and presented by Ms. Haifa Al-Shawa, specialist and trainer of professional etiquette and protocol.

Al-Sadi said that these workshops aim to enhance and raise the level of quality of services provided to customers to offer them a distinguished banking experience, by streamlining the language used with customers and ensuring that we serve them efficiently and effectively. This also ensures the provision of the same level of quality

service in the various branches and offices of the bank.

Al-Sadi added that “development and excellence in any institution starts with an interest in developing the skills of its employees, especially in the areas of customer service, as this reflects on the institution’s image towards its customers. We at PIB believe that the development and growth of our business is not possible without maintaining a high level of quality in customer service.

Al-Sadi indicated that these training workshops are an addition to the series of trainings that the bank organizes for its employees on a regular basis, in order to enhance their skills in the field of communication, identifying customers' needs and addressing them with high efficiency, in addition to motivating them to plan for the development of customer service.

The mission and vision of PIB revolve around providing comprehensive high quality and modern banking solutions, following the provisions of the Islamic Sharia laws, and investment within an advanced technological perspective. It also sets a deliberate strategy to proceed with the digital transformation process, which resulted in launching pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital contact center, Islami Online, and Islami Mobile, which offer a distinctive package of banking services through an easy and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for its individual and corporate customers. PIB has also recently won "The Best Islamic Bank Award" and " The Best Digital Bank Award" in Palestine for the year 2021, according to International Business Magazine (INTLBM).