PIB welcomed a delegation from the Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie (PTUK)

Dr. Imad Al-Sadi, PIB General Manager, and Ibrahim Salman, the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at PIB, received a PTUK delegation at PIB's headquarters in Ramallah. The delegation consisted of Dr. Jaafar Abu Saa, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences, Dr. Husam Qasem, Dean of the Faculty of Community Service & Development, and Dr. Fadi Abu Diak, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences and Head of the Department of Public Culture.

Dr. Al-Sadi welcomed the guest delegation and emphasized the importance of consolidating ties between the banking and academic sectors and integrating their roles to advance development and reconstruction and achieve sustainable development.

The attendees discussed ways to further enhance PIB-PTUK cooperation. Dr. Al-Sadi presented PIB's key contributions to support higher education and scientific research, especially the annual PIB Award aimed at motivating researchers to increase their research production and produce original research that adds value to the existing body of knowledge.

Dr. Al-Sadi stated that he was proud of PTUK's accomplishments in the higher education sector in Palestine, and he praised its uniqueness as a public university that contributes to higher technical education, scientific research, knowledge and culture dissemination, and serves humanity and sustainable development.

The guest delegation stressed that PTUK strives to strengthen its work with the Palestinian banking sector, given the various services and facilities it provides for higher education institutions, and highlighted PTUK's vision to boost cooperation with various other sectors. PTUK's delegation also applauded PIB's achievements in the Islamic banking sector and its role in shouldering education in Palestine.