Amounting to 181,000 ILS Palestine Islamic Bank Presents the Fourth Cash Prize of Its Savings Accounts Campaign “OVER 100 … New Prize Each Draw”

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) presented the fourth cash prize of its savings accounts campaign “OVER 100 … New Prize Each Draw” for the amount of 181,000 ILS to the winner, Mufeed Ibrahim Rayyan, from Qalqilya governorate.

Rayyan expressed his joy at this unexpected surprise, adding that this prize would help him and his family to carry out many projects.

“I would like to thank PIB for this prize,” Rayyan added. “I appreciate the Bank’s continuous efforts in offering distinguished banking services that make it easy for its customers and providing them with all that's new. I take this opportunity to encourage everyone to save for the future of their families.”

On his part, PIB’s General Manager, Imad al-Sadi, congratulated the winner, hoping the prize would help him achieve his aspirations. He stated that the savings campaign “OVER 100 … New Prize Each Draw” is part of the Bank’s effort to enhance the culture of saving, which would help customers securely preserve their money and make profits under the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Al-Sadi extended his thanks to PIB’s customers for their trust in the Bank, indicating that this trust creates an incentive for the bank to develop and provide the latest banking services in the Islamic banking world.

Throughout this year, the campaign includes bimonthly draws on 6 cash prizes of different values, each over 100,000 ILS (namely 314,000; 202,000; 165,000; 181,000; 154,000; and 303,000 ILS). All current and new customers can participate in this campaign by opening a savings account with a minimum balance of US $100 or its equivalent in other currencies, noting that each additional deposit of US $200, or its equivalent, increases the customer’s chance of winning.

Savings accounts enable customers to receive revenue according to the average of their daily balances. They also enable them to benefit from all banking services offered by the Bank, according to the terms of each service.

Full details about this campaign can be found by visiting the Bank’s website and its social media platforms, or through its Digital Contact Center, which provides 24-hour services.

The mission and vision of Palestine Islamic Bank focus on providing comprehensive, high quality and modern banking solutions according to the provisions of Islamic Sharia, as well investing from an advanced technological perspective. The Bank also sets a deliberate strategy to proceed with the digital transformation process, which resulted in launching pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour Digital Contact Center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile, which offer a distinctive package of banking services through an easy and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for its individual and corporate customers.