PIB and PalTech Sign Cooperation Agreement to Provide Electronic Archiving Services

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) and PalTech Technology for Innovation, a subsidiary of Wassel Group, signed a cooperation and partnership agreement to provide electronic archiving services for the Bank's documentation. This agreement came as part of the Bank's efforts to pursue best practices in information security management and its digital transformation strategy.

The agreement was signed at the PIB's Headquarters in Ramallah by General Manager of the Bank, Imad al-Sadi, and Executive Manager for Wassel Group, Majdi al-Attari; and was attended by CEO of PalTech, Tareq Ghosheh, PIB's General Manager Assistants, Asem al-Masri, Raed Abdel-Halim, and Zayed Shqair, and several department managers.

Al-Sadi stated that the agreement aims to preserve all documents in a modern way that keeps pace with today's requirements, contributes to business performance development, and creates an integrated organizational memory.

"Electronic archiving comes as part of the Bank's digital transformation strategy." Al-Sadi added, "We view this as an integrated process, starting from the advanced digital services we provide to our customers up through preservation of all documents using advanced technology."

Al-Sadi indicated, "This agreement comes hand in hand with the Bank's efforts to launch its Central Archive Project, which will make a qualitative leap in matters of document and information management for the Bank, using cutting-edge systems and techniques worldwide."

Al-Sadi praised the unique services provided by PalTech in various fields, affirming the Bank's pride in partnering with the company to implement its important projects.

On his part, Ghosheh described electronic archiving as an accurate and important system that most sectors resort to due to huge amounts of data and as part of business digitization, which needs efficient solutions that minimize errors and save time and effort.

"For 12 years, our company has been striving to keep up with the latest developments in the field of information, communication, and network technology services, including electronic archiving." Ghosheh added, "This has been achieved through the acquisition of integrated professional systems from the largest international companies, in addition to IT infrastructure solutions."

Al-Attari, in turn, commended this agreement, emphasizing the strategic relationship between PIB and Wassel Group, which has become the largest service provider in Palestine and is constantly developing new services for various sectors.

PalTech provides services to a wide range of large companies in Palestine. It also provides solutions in matters of digitization and archiving, compatible with modern technology.

The mission and vision of Palestine Islamic Bank focus on providing comprehensive, high quality and modern banking solutions according to the provisions of Islamic Sharia, as well investing from an advanced technological perspective. The Bank also sets a deliberate strategy to proceed with the digital transformation process, which resulted in launching pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour Digital Contact Center, Islami Online and Islami Mobile, which offer a distinctive package of banking services through an easy and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for its individual and corporate customers.