PIB Sponsors “TEDxAlQudsUniversity”

Palestine Islamic Bank (PIB) sponsored the TEDxAlQudsUniversity conference that was organised by Al Quds University as part of the bank’s efforts to support inspiring and creative ideas.

The conference was held under the slogan “If not us, then who?” with the participation of several speakers who shared their success stories and experiences in the fields of medical science, engineering, technology, education, art, sport and humanities.

Given the current health situation, the audience size was limited, with physical distancing and preventive health procedures and precautions adhered to and respected.

PIB General Manager, Imad Al-Sadi stated: “The bank is keen on supporting inspirational and creative ideas, due to its firm belief that this is an important part of achieving and encouraging development and prosperity.”

Al-Sadi added: “TEDxAlQudsUniversity and similar conferences shed light on the power of our youth in driving positive change in their communities through showcasing their stories and ideas that are worth spreading both locally and internationally”.

Al-Sadi praised the conference organisation by Al Quds University and its students, noting that the creative projects and ideas presented by the speakers inspire optimism for a better future, driven by the creative youth.

It is worth noting that “TEDx” are local initiatives where Ted-like talks are presented to the local community, aiming to share ideas worth spreading and cause positive change through storytelling.

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