Falasteen Alkhair Foundation Honors PIB

Falasteen Alkhair Foundation honored Palestine Islamic Bank for its continuous support of the charitable activities implemented by the Foundation and its outstanding contributions to the support of many groups and sectors, particularly the health and education sectors in the various governorates of the country.

This occurred during a reception offered by PIB General Manager, Imad Alsadi, to the Director General of Falasteen Alkhair Foundation, Rula Salameh, at the headquarters of the General Administration of the Bank in Ramallah, in the presence of the Advisor to the Commander of the National Security Forces for Humanitarian and Social Affairs, Major-General Saadeh Saadeh, PIB Assistant General Manager for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Rami Taha, and the Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Ibrahim Salman.

Alsadi extended his thanks to the Journalist Salameh for such generous gesture, while praising the great effort made by Falasteen Alkhair Foundation to help citizens and achieve social advancement.

Alsadi also stressed that the Bank attaches great importance to supporting charitable activities, helping citizens and enhancing their resilience within PIB social responsibility program, which accords with the universal sustainable development goals, expressing the Bank’s pride in partnering with “Falasteen Alkhair” and its constant keenness to support the Foundation’s activities, pointing out that there will be a number of joint charitable and voluntary projects during the coming period.

Moreover, Alsadi honored the Journalist, Salameh, describing her as a distinctive role model in the areas of charitable work and effort unification to support marginalized groups and improve the standard of living for children, youth and women.

In the same context, Alsadi praised the efforts made by the National Security Forces’ Scientific Committee to enhance the resilience of citizens and alleviate the suffering of hundreds of families annually, emphasizing the importance of roles integration among the public and private sectors in order to support the process of development and advance all groups and sectors of the society.

On her part, Salameh thanked PIB for its support of various charitable activities, calling for further cooperation between different sectors in such area, in view of its importance in the advancement of the bitter reality experienced by needy families.

On his part, Major-General Saadeh Saadeh said that the partnership between the National Security Forces’ Scientific Committee and PIB constitutes a distinguished model of cooperation aimed at serving our people, stressing that the Committee’s general orientation revolves around increasing the volume of annual relief projects.

The policy of PIB’s sustainable social responsibility emphasizes the importance of its contribution to the development process, to paly active role in community service and peoples’ relief, to improve their living conditions and strengthen their resilience under such difficult conditions, in line with the universal sustainable development goals.

The Bank’s vision and mission are centered on providing comprehensive qualitative and modern banking solutions in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari’a and investment with an advanced technological perspective. It also sets a deliberate strategy to proceed with the digital transformation process, which has resulted in the launch of pioneering digital services such as the 24-hour digital contact center and Islami Online and Islami Mobile services which provide a distinguished package of banking services through an accessible and secure environment that enhances the digital experience for individual and corporate customers.