202,000 ILS" Palestine Islamic Bank announces the first winner of its savings campaign (OVER 100 ... New Prize Each Draw)

202,000ILS is the amount of the first cash prize of the savings campaign (OVER 100 ... New Prize Each Draw) by Palestine Islamic Bank has been granted to winner Mr. Abdus Salam Abu Hajjah, from Jenen

Mr. Abu Hajjah expressed his happiness as soon as he was informed of the award winning, saying that he did not expect such a big surprise for him and his family.

Abu Hajjah said, "I would like to thank Palestine Islamic Bank for this valuable award and for its distinguished programs and campaigns, which encourage us every time to keep dealing with the bank and to keep savings for our future and the future of our children."

In view of the current health conditions and in compliance with prevention requirements and safety measures, the process of drawing and announcing of the prize winner was done directly through the bank's social media platforms and media

PIB’s GM, Imad Al-Sadi, congratulated the winner, hoping that this prize would enable him to achieve what he aspires to.

Al-Sadi added that this campaign is part of the Bank’s endeavors to promote the culture of savings which thus contributes in preserving clients funds in a safe manner and generating of profit in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Al-Sadi thanked the Bank's clients for the trust they bestowed to Palestine Islamic Bank, explaining that such confidence increases the bank's determination to continue developing its services and to keep pace with the requirements of the modern era, so that they would enjoy a distinguished banking experience.

Till the end of the current year 2021, the campaign will include drawings for 5 other cash prizes of different value every two months, each one will be OVER 100,000 ILS (314,000, 165,000, 181,000, 154,000, 303,000), Existing and new customer will be able to participate through opening a savings account in the amount of $100 at least or its equivalent in other currencies, noting that each additional deposit of $200 or its equivalent in other currencies, will give the customer an additional opportunity to win.

The savings account enables the customer to obtain a profit return based on his average daily balance. It also enables him to benefit from all banking services provided by the Bank according to the conditions of each service. He may also be the winner of one of the cash prizes that will be drawn during the campaign; whereas the value of each prize is more than 100,000 shekels.

To see all the campaign details please visit the Bank's website www.islamicbank.ps, its social media platforms, or contact its digital call center, which provides 24/7 services.

The mission and vision of Palestine Islamic Bank are represented in providing qualitative, modern and comprehensive banking solutions in accordance with the rules of the Islamic Sharia, as well as investment in a developed technological perspective. The bank has also developed a studied strategy to proceed in the digital transformation process which has resulted in launching leading digital services such as the digital contact center which operates 24/7, as well as Islami Online and Islami Mobile services which provide a distinctive package of banking services within an easy and safe environment which fosters the digital experience of customers; individuals and companies.