PIB and The National Bank (TNB) Donate Two Million Shekels

Palestine Islamic Bank and The National Bank have donated Two Million shekels to the government to help them in facing the repercussions arising from the Corona crisis.

The Board of Directors of both PIB and TNB have declared their support of the Palestinian government, in light of the spread of the Covid-19 virus known as “Corona”, via a joint donation of Two Million Dollars. Pursuant to this donation, both Banks shall cooperate with the Palestinian Ministries of Health and Social Affairs in order to face the repercussions of this crisis. Both Banks intend to help alleviate the consequent effects of this crisis; especially with regards to affected families, whose work has been interrupted and their income stopped due to the plight of the country.

Both Banks considered this step, to support the Palestinian people in this crisis, as part of their national and social responsibility. They also considered it an obligation to support the Palestinian government’s direction and administration to control this epidemic and its repercussions in line with the directives of the governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority. Considering that joining efforts at the present time is what Palestine needs to get out of this crisis with the least possible damage.