At the Value of a Quarter-Million Shekels ... “Palestine Islamic Bank” Presents the Second Jackpot of Tawfeer Kareem X2 Campaign

Palestine Islamic Bank presented the second prize of Tawfeer “Kareem X2” campaign, at the value of a quarter of a million shekels, to the citizen Muneerah Qdeih from Khan Younis. The prize was presented at a ceremony held at the Bank’s branch in Khan Younis, in the presence of the Manager of Gaza District, Mr. Adnan Al Fleet, the Manager of Khan Younis Branch, Mohammad Al Tawil and a crowd of citizens.

The General Manager of Palestine Islamic Bank, Bayan Qasem, congratulated the winners of “Tawfeer Kareem” campaign’s prizes, pointing out that such campaign shall continue until the end of the current year. Moreover, Qasem illustrated that “Tawfeer Kareem” campaign continues for the third consecutive year in order to highlight the Bank’s interest in encouraging the habit of saving among the Palestinian society, noting that since the launch of the campaign at the beginning of the year, the Bank has offered hundreds of cash and in-kind presents, along with the jackpots at the value of (NIS 250,000) for each prize.

Qasem also stressed that the campaign’s presents are derived from the shareholders’ funds, rather than the depositors’ rights, and such presents are approved by the Bank’s Shari’a Supervisory Board. Furthermore, Qasem stated “We are committed to providing our customers with banking services and we strive to offer them a unique experience through focusing on the use of technology, the operationalization of Shari’a-compliant financing and investment formulas and offering banking solutions which meet the customers’ various needs.”, emphasizing that the bank is moving towards digitalization to ensure the customers’ obtainment of banking services in a rapid, efficient and secure manner, referring to the bank’s updating and development of its banking systems in order to provide an adequate service to the public.

On her part, the winner Muneerah Qdeih expressed pleasure at winning the prize, whereas she said “I’ve heard about the savings campaigns launched by Palestine Islamic Bank and wished to win one of the campaigns’ prizes, thus, I decided to open an account and take part in the campaign, and luckily, I won”, she also paid tribute to the Bank staff’s proper treatment of customers and the distinct services offered by the Bank.

At the beginning of 2019, Palestine Islamic Bank launched Tawfeer “Kareem X2” campaign for current and new customers, whereas such campaign allows them to receive instant gifts upon opening a savings account or depositing an amount of (USD 300)- or its equivalent in other currencies- in the customer’s balance, whereby the customer gets a set of instant gifts and discount coupons with major Palestinian companies, along with the chance of winning the jackpot at the value of (NIS 250,000) that is drawn every two months.